The documentary film Luboml - My Heart Remembers on VHS tape


About the film My Heart Remembers

This historical video uses rare film footage, an extensive collection of archival photos from the Luboml exhibition project and interviews with former residents to re-create the fabric of daily life in the predominately Jewish market town, or shtetl, of Luboml in prewar Poland.

The video reveals a vibrant town where religious tradition and community life coexisted. No quaint rural village, Luboml was an important regional market town, complete with a theater, a cinema, electric lights, sports teams, and numerous trades and businesses, factories and workshops.

Nazi genocidal actions in Poland in 1941-42 destroyed the Jewish community in Luboml, including the execution of nearly all its Jewish citizens, as recounted through moving interviews with Holocaust survivors and other former residents of Luboml.

Funded by the Aaron Ziegelman Foundation.
Produced by Douglas/Steinman Productions.
Distributed by The Cinema Guild, Inc.

2002, color, 57 minutes, VHS

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Three girls in Luboml, 1937
Left to right: an unidentified girl,
Rivke Milshtein and Roza Szwarc.
Collection of Fruma Golod
Courtesy of the Luboml Exhibition Project.

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