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The Documentary Film Luboml: My Heart Remembers

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Luboml: My Heart Remembers portrays the beauty and vitality of life in Luboml, a market town (shtetl) in Poland, in the period between the two World Wars.

Luboml was in Poland before World War II, about 200 miles southeast of Warsaw. Roughly 94 percent of its inhabitants were Jews. No quaint rural village, it was a town with a theater, cinema, electric lights, sports teams, trades, businesses and factories.

The film shows life in Luboml through archival photos and footage, plus additional more recent filming.

The film starts and ends with the kaddish (mourners prayer) to honor the memory of its Jewish citizens, murdered by the Nazis in 1942. But you will find no scenes of suffering and depravity in this video which celebrates life in Luboml, with loving recollections by survivors who grew up in what they called in Yiddish Libivne.

Today Luboml is a town without Jews.

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This documentary began as the Luboml Exhibition Project and then became a traveling exhibit, possibly the most widely seen exhibit of its type. The exhibit is archived at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. In 2003 a VHS tape was produced, followed by a DVD in 2006 (see front cover above).

The support of Aaron Ziegelman has enabled its web publication. It is now available for no-cost on demand viewing on the internet.

Our web presentation hopes to meet a range of needs.

  • Watch the entire 56 minute video.
  • Select up to nine segments, each about six minutes long.
  • Look for specific content using the index below of 16 topics.


Start Time (

Introduction    0.00 A - Introduction - Marketplace
Marketplace    3.05  
Home Life       7.20 B - Home Life
Work          13.47 C - Work and Education
Education    16.15  
Religion       20.23 D - Religion
Bar Mitzvah 26.06 E - Life Cycle and Holidays
Weddings   27.30  
Funerals     28.40  
Holidays     29.35  
Social Life  32.17 F - Social Life
Politics      39.07 G - Politics and Departures
Departures 44.00  
World War II 46.24 H - World War II
Reflections 54.53 I - The Narrators, Credits
Credits      55.57  
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For a conversation with Aaron Ziegelman, "What would you like people to feel after they have seen the film?"
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