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The Luboml Yizkor Book Online

Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl, in English, published in 1997, is now online on the NYPL website as an Adobe Reader  pdf document.  Click here.

The Yizkor (Memorial) book is an old Jewish custom, the first one dating back more than 700 years. By listing the deceased and their dates of death, the books helped Jews remember their relatives in Yahrzeit (anniversary) prayers and also to honor the memory of friends, neighbors and those without relatives to remember them.

After 1944 nearly 1,000 Yizkor books were published, created by survivors, working though landsmanschaften - associations of persons from the same city or town. These books went far beyond listing those lost and the tragic story of their demise in the shoah. They preserved the memory of the community with history, maps, photos, essays and personal stories.

Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl

The post-Holocaust Yizkor books have seen three stages of development, each one bringing the memories of these vanished communities to more people.

  • First, Yiddish and Hebrew publications began to appear soon after the end of the war and generally were created in Israel. The Luboml Yizkor Book Sefer Zicron L'Kehillat Luboml, edited by Berl Kagan z"l, was published in Israel in 1974.

  • Then English translations, to reach a larger audience and a new generation of readers. The English version of the Luboml Yizkor Book Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl, edited by Nathan Sobel, was published in the US in 1997. We show an introductory page below.

  • And now digitization and internet publication, to make the content of these books available world-wide, free and on-demand.

The Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public Library has 700 Yizkor Books, the largest collection in the United States. They have digitized and made available online 650 of these volumes. more ....  Nearly all the online Yizkor books are in Yiddish and Hebrew. Because of copyright restrictions the more recent books - and that includes nearly all the English language Yizkor Books - are not available online.

In March 2010 the Liboviner - Voliner Benevolent Society and Aaron Ziegelman, the copyright holders of the English version of the Luboml Yizkor Book, gave the New York Public Library permission for the book's digitization and internet publication.

Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl is now online on the NYPL website as an Adobe Reader  pdf document. Click here.

Roberta Saltzman of the Dorot Jewish Division noted that the Luboml Memorial Book is online in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) which many find easier to use than the proprietary format used for the other Yizkor books. It allows people to enlarge images (especially useful tor the maps in the Luboml book), as well as print and save pages from the book. There should be few, if any, technical issues for users around the world. Most web users already have Adobe PDF readers on their computer, and if they don't, the software is free and easily downloadable..

About one tenth of the book's pages are also online as a Google™ Book. Click here.

To view the 1974 Yiddish and Hebrew Luboml Yizkor Book, click here.

We thank the Dorot Jewish Division of the NYPL, Michael Terry and Roberta Saltzman for their help so that others could remember this lost community.

September 24, 2010

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